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Moments of Clarity: Photo Exhibition

11 Mar

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For the last three summers I have been photographing at the  Larmer Tree Festival in Dorset, England. Last August, shortly after the festival finished, I approached the organisers of the festival and the Salisbury Arts Centre with the idea that we have an exhibition of my images from the festival. They agreed and on 17th March the private view/opening will take place at the Salisbury Arts Centre. The show, which includes my images and those of three other photographers, will be up from 18 March until 10 April.

Here is a selection of my images from the festival

I love being part of the festival community and seeing the same people every year, most of whom I see only at the festival. I enjoy going back each year as a photographer to capture the characters I meet there. I like to photograph the festival so I can remember it, but also so that others can experience the festival through my eyes and the pictures I take. These day it’s very rare that in normal life you can go out with a camera and photograph the people you see. But the festival has created an environment where you can do that. At the Larmer Tree Festival people let their guard down, which is rare in British society. My photographs feed off that and represent it too.