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Bedouin Jerry Can Band

11 Sep

080720_LarmerTree x72

This summer my photography work took me to the Larmer Tree Festival in Dorset, England where the Bedouin Jerry Can Band (BJB) were playing. Being interested in music from other cultures I had long known about this band but knew little about them or their connection to coffee. When I read the following in the festival programme I knew I had to check them out: The BJB are a collective of semi-nomadic musicians, poets, storytellers, and coffee grinders. There is also an olfactory dimension to their act as a coffee grinder brews and serves coffee for the audience . . . Even though their ‘coffee grinder’ really only went throught the motions, bringing out ready made filtered coffee from backstage, their performance was true to the grand tradition of the starbarista: engaging and entertaining an audience while making coffee. (If you are not seeing the photos click here for the full post.)

First he roasted the coffee . . .

080720_LarmerTree x49

Then he ground the coffee . . .
080720_LarmerTree x51

He then returned the ground coffee to the pan to either roast it again (surely not) or to brew the coffee . . .

080720_LarmerTree x55

Then out came the coffee pot which promptly went back stage. . .

080720_LarmerTree x56

Then seconds later out came a tray of BJB branded styrofoam cups (please guys have some paper ones printed up) full of what seemed like a very light roast filtered coffee . . .

080720_LarmerTree x59

. . . which was enjoyed by all . . .

080720_LarmerTree x67

After their performance I spotted them and asked if they wouldn’t mind posing for a group photo . . .

080720_LarmerTree x198

Here a few close ups of band members . . .
080720_LarmerTree x30080720_LarmerTree x31080720_LarmerTree x33080720_LarmerTree x34080720_LarmerTree x36080720_LarmerTree x26

Larmer Tree Festival

3 Aug


Click here to go to the full post including photos.
I love living in England. One of the reasons is the vibrant and diverse music scene here. For me part of that music scene is the Larmer Tree Festival that takes place every year in Dorset. This summer I was back again and had another amazing time seeing friends I made last year and hearing some great music from amazing bands and DJs from across the globe. Some of the acts that graced the festival’s three stages (and two nightclubs) this summer included the Bedouin Jerry Can Band from Egypt, Kora from New Zealand, Tinariwen from Mali, Orchestra Baobab from Senegal and DJ Derek from Bristol. Another great thing about this festival is that there’s something to do for everyone at this festival. There are all sorts of workshops and activities like salsa dancing, circus skills, and drumming. The photos you see above (click here if you don’t see them) are from fancy dress Saturday when many people get dressed up in costumes. Check out my Larmer Tree 2008 website to see the images I took this year.

St. Basils Podcast

26 Jun

A few months ago I went up to Birmingham, England, to shoot stills to illustrate a podcast about the charity St. Basils. St. Basils works with young people who are homeless or are at risk of becoming homeless. Anyway – have a look at the podcast that was produced by Audio for the Web.