Gwilym is the World Barista Champion

1 Jun

Gwilym Davies – the current UK Barista Champion – is now the World Barista Champion. A few months ago Gwilym travelled to Atlanta, Georgia to compete with approximately 50 baristas from around the world for the title. Congratulations, Gwilym!
(I am just posting this now because I have been too busy drinking great coffee from this company🙂

Gwilym Davies, United Kingdom – 2009 WBC Finals

Gwillym Davies, WBC champion talks a little about his drink preparation

Lush Macro Flora

28 May


Just throwin’ up some recent macro work I shot during a visit to the Royal Horticultural Society’s garden at Hyde Hall in Essex. I didn’t take any notes, so your guess is as good as mine as to what the plants are.

Follow this link for the full Flickr stream of all the images.

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Gwilym Davies 2009 UK Barista Champion

4 Mar

Congratulations to Gwilym Davies who has just been crowned the 2009 UK Barista Champion. I’ve just thrown this post up for people who want to know more about this great barista. (click here for full post with embedded media.)

Gwilym works outdoor coffee carts at two busy London markets. He uses coffee from East London’s Square Mile Roasters.

Gwilym’s winning espresso was a 50/50 blend made up of Finca San Jose Pulped Natural Red Catuaí from Erwin Mierisch and family in Nicaragua, and an El Molino de Santa Rita Washed Orange Bourbon from Jose Antonio Salaverria’s farm in El Salvador.

During the the final Gwilym’s espresso and signature drink attained the highest scores. The idea behind his signature drink was to enhance flavours that were already in the espresso he was working with. He created an infusion of butter, cinamon, orange peel, muscovado syrup, and dark chocolate that he added to the espresso.

Here is Gwilym’s semi-final performance:

Here’s Gwilym’s championship-winning final performance:
Here are all the videos from the UKBC Finals.

Here is a video of the results and an interview with Gwilym:

Here’s a podcast about Gwilym.

(Note: At the time of recording Gwilym was using beans from a different London roastery.)

Click here to download this podcast.

Here are some photos of Gwilym at work on Whitecross Market

Below is a map showing the locations of Gwilym’s coffee carts.,-0.081394&spn=0.007797,0.022649&output=embed&s=AARTsJopiEQXUM95lsYxTwXQELwGDRd2bg
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Hello world!

27 Feb

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

Hello world!

10 Feb

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

A Geographical Chronology

8 Jan

I am a huge fan of Google Maps. See the map below? I’ve used Google Maps to create and share a chronology of all the places where I have lived in this world. If you are at all interested click on the map below or the link that says View Larger Map. Once you have clicked through you can navigate the map by clicking the links on the left or by clicking directly on the pins embedded in the map. The pins in the map represent the exact locations of dwellings I have occupied for a month or more at a time. While you are in satelite mode you can zoom in and see what the terrain is like. Have a look and feel free to leave comments below.

A Slovak Spectacle

18 Dec

Back in 2001/02 Rachel and I lived in Bratislava, Slovakia. Rachel was the editor-in-chief of the local English-language newspaper and I worked as a photographer and copy editor for the same paper. While we were there our good friend Tom stayed with us for several months while he researched and wrote a travel guide to Slovakia. I followed Tom around for a day with my camera so people back home could see what life was like for us in Bratislava. This is the first time I have stiched a movie together from stills, so the result is a bit shaky. Some might call it quirky. Music by Paberky Marko Cermaka. Please leave comments if you feel moved to do so.
A Slovak Spectacle from iambrianjones on Vimeo.