Heathrow to Bethnal Green

From Heathrow Airport the easiest and cheapest way to get to Bethnal Green is to take the Underground and the journey will take between one and one and a half hours. There is an Underground station at each terminal.

  • Purchase your Oyster card from the ticket window at the airport Underground station. You will not purchase your Oyster card from a machine.
  • Oyster Cards are the cheapest way to travel on public transport in London.
  • You will pay £3 for the card and I advise that you put £10 credit on the card.
  • When you leave you can return your card and get your £3 and any remaining credit back.
  • You use the card by ‘touching in and out‘ at Tube stations and by ‘touching in’ when you board a bus. You do not ‘touch out’ when getting off the bus.
  • Here is TFL’s page on using Oyster.

Directions for taking the Underground from Heathrow Airport to Bethnal Green

  • Picadilly line to Holborn
  • At Holborn switch to the Central Line
  • Take an eastbound train to Bethnal Green.
  • Email me for our address and walking directions to our flat.

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